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Video Poker

As each day passes, so does the popularity of video poker rise – giving way to whole new generations of players that love to have themselves a quick game of video poker, every so often. Many a high roller and seasoned poker veteran would seemingly not take to this type of poker gameplay, but with Silversands classy video poker tables, every player, regardless their poker prowess enjoys a game of video poker. Players who love to take up the fair challenge will find themselves having extreme fun and, of course, a chance to up their luck and grab sky-high payouts, here at Silversands Casino.

It can easily be said that when you play video poker at Silversands Casino, you’ll find that our video poker tables offer an unparalleled casino experience – to players, no matter their level of skill, from beginner to pro, god fun & games will be had.

For new players, there is the guarantee of risk-free play, while you find your way around the slot, learning the do’s and dont’s for playing video poker online. There is also the added benefit of being able  to up your poker skills, at no expense to fellow players, as you play your video poker hand right in the comfort of your own setting. Whether you choose to play in the Zen of your own home, or on your commute to and fro – Silversands Casino operates smoothly on all devices and operating systems.

Video Poker Tips and Tricks

Though there is no real tried and tested method to landing yourself a winning streak, at Silversands Casino our video poker tables, here are some tips on how to up your luck more readily. You’ll only need to focus on your hand, and the dealer’s cards to increase your chances of winning. Essentially your video poker game is between you and the casino house, so there’s really no need for you to worry about other players and their cards.

As it is in conventional poker games, video poker also starts with you getting dealt five cards from a standard 52-card deck. The goal is to build a hand that’s stronger than the dealer’s to win the round. You do this by holding and/or discarding cards, this way creating a hopefully winning combination. There are several combinations available, ranging from the modest pair to the ravishing Royal Flush. The higher the hands , the better the payouts you’ll yield; especially if you are dealt a Royal Flush, as these wins end up being spectacularly lucrative!

Video Poker at Silversands Casino

Get ready for the world’s most prestigious video poker tables when you sign up to play video poker online at Silversands Casino! As with all our games, you can try our video poker tables for free first, and should you have any questions about the game while playing, you can always check the on-screen help options, to get your head back in the game as you stay focused.

Don’t you wait any longer! Sign up to join Silversands today, claim your R8 8888 deposit bonuses and start enjoying video poker at its ultimate best, only here at Silversands Casino.