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Online Blackjack

Silversands Casino succeeds in creating a great gaming environment not only for all players looking to cash in big time on video slots, but there is something to be said about winning a great Blackjack hand, and Silversands Casino will take you straight to that winning place right quick.

As any experienced casino player will tell you, nothing beats that winning sensation of a straight Blackjack win. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology being made use of for this online casino platform, you can experience the most thrilling Blackjack gameplay online, here at the Silversands Online Blackjack tables.

South Africa is famous for the way it organises and maintains its casinos while creating and maintaining a professional and easy-to-use platform. As the country’s premier online casino, Silversands has gained worldwide popularity, and is world renown for our excellent online blackjack tables.

Online Blackjack Tips and Tricks

Everyone who knows anything about online gaming tends to admit that they know all about the game Blackjack and its core rules, as Blackjack is almost always available in any casino one visits. Many a player would argue that Blackjack is, in fact, the quintessential card game. The main goal in a game of Blackjack is to reach a cumulative number of 21 when counting the cards one is dealt and adding the numbers together. If you get 21, or a hand that’s higher than the dealer’s (without going over 21!), then you win!

Blackjack is so much more than just a game of chance; you have to ALWAYS pay attention to what the dealer is holding, and it’s important to plan your moves accordingly. Several Blackjack variants give players an edge over the dealer, either by allowing the player to peek at more of the dealer’s cards or by forcing the dealer to hold at 17. In these type of Blackjack tables, if the dealer holds a hand with seven or higher, then that is your cue that it is time to hit!

On most Blackjack tables, you will be allowed to split your hand, something that should definitely be done, if you are holding aces and eights. Be sure also to double down when the first two cards are equal to eleven, as the chances for a 21 will be maximised with the next card!

The World’s Most Prestigious Blackjack Tables

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