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From incredible daily and monthly promotions, to non-stop fun and daily winners being added to the Winner’s Club, here at Silversands Casino players are guaranteed a great gaming experience unlike any other.

With so many promotions, bonuses and incredible fun to go around, everyone is a winner at Silversands Casino.

Being a forward-thinking leader in the world of online casino gaming, Silversands offers players the cream of the crop when it comes to online casino gaming goodness; along with incredible payouts and tons of promotional extras that continually reward players the more they play. Join now to get your hands on these awesome promotions!

Players of all skill levels are lucky enough to be assured they’ll get a fair chance at making it BIG at Silversands, as the casino’s platform freely offers sound advice on how to win, while also freely giving players loads of solid information for those who wish to learn about the world’s best online casino winners’ clubs and promotions.

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Players can take advantage of Silversands “Cash Back Monday” promotion, where they only need to deposit R1, 000 in order to and get 40% bonus back. This promotion takes place at certain times on certain Mondays – keep an eye out for more details about this Monday promotion. There is also the fantastic R8, 888 deposit Welcome Bonus offer that Silversands has become synonymous for. Get in on this bonus action that pays you back money directly to your account, on your first three deposits when you sign up!

Silversands Casino tends to give big rewards to winning players, and tend to give special mention of the winners by highlighting their names and posting them online for all to see. Indeed, all bragging rights aside, this practice of making mention of the winners on the casino site makes it easy for players to quickly figure out if Silversands Casino is big on payouts and if those payouts themselves are big or not.

So try out your luck at Silversands Casino, where bonuses are plenty and winners gain widespread fame, as well as incredible fortune!

Super Slots Tournaments

In today’s digital world, casino players can enjoy the best slot games available – and all from the comfort and privacy of their own home. This digital world of gaming has opened a whole new dimension of casino fun for slots enthusiasts the world over!

Silversands Casino pioneers slot fun, with its incredible Super Slots Tournaments. These specially designed slot tournaments offer up a devilishly fun casino experience, by pitting slots players against each other in friendly and smashingly enjoyable competitions – where ANYONE can win!

Silversands Super Slots Tournaments offer the full spectrum of fun that only playing slot machines can produce. Coupled with competitive thrills, players who try to get the highest total in a given time could very well end up claiming the tournament’s bank-busting jackpot!

Silversands Casino Lotus 728x90Every game played in the tournament adds to the overall winning pot, so winners can potentially claim a true fortune by winning the challenge – emerging on top of the leaderboards!

Super Slots Tournaments have it all: the thrill of the spin, the anticipation of the win and the sky-high jackpots that can potentially change the winner’s life forever! All tournament slots also boast fantastic visuals and captivating sounds to perfectly set the mood for playing. Each slot machine has its own distinct character, with different bonuses and a unique theme that sets it apart from the crowd.

To truly understand the unique fun and amazing potential for wealth that these Super Slots Tournaments offer, you just have to see it and be in it, for yourself!

Whether you are a seasoned slots veteran player or a complete slots beginner – you will surely be able to find a Super Slots Tournament that’s right for you. So head on over to Silversands Casino and get ready for the world’s most amazing slots experience, and play today!