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Players can easily stake their claim to some great Casino Tournament winnings, here at Silversands casino. All players have the chance to enter some of the most fun and thoroughly rewarding casino competitions in the world!

Enter the Silversands Online Casino Tournaments!

With our revolutionary Silversands Online Casino Tournaments system, you have the potential to earn super cash prizes, as well as the potential to redeem tournament points, while at the same time being able to boost your winnings to completely new levels! For a small entry fee, you can enter the Silversands Online Casino Tournaments – after that, a sizable portion of your deposit is automatically entered into the Casino Tournament’s Prize Pool. On top of this, your Rakeback account will get a boost, as this will keep on growing in size, the more you deposit!

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Silversands Casinos Super Slot Tournaments

Many games in our casino are eligible to be counted as a game fit to be used for Silversands Online Casino Tournaments. As soon as you have managed to pick one Casino Tournament game to play, the game should typically last 10 minutes. During this time, you have to use the credits awarded to you, with the aim in place, to win tournament points. At any moment, you can check your standing and compare winnings with the other competitors.

Games eligible for the Silversands Online Casino Tournaments include many of our esteemed slots, numerous poker variants and other, less common casino games to suit every player’s needs. You can also try our video poker tournaments.

The great thing about Silversands Online Casino Tournaments is that each player can enjoy playing these Casino Tournament games for free while getting some no-risk, no-fuss casino action at the same time. You will, however, need to play with real money to win our tournaments’ cash prizes – and to be honest, it’s these types of casino Tournament games payouts that can potentially change your life! Most players try their luck in a few games with no real money, before betting and winning some cold, hard cash!

If you change your mind or something urgent comes up, remember that you are entitled to withdraw from the tournament before it begins, and you will get a FULL refund, no questions asked.

So come on in, sign up and browse our numerous tournament offers, for a chance to get in on some world-class casino action, only at Silversands Casino!